Let me share a bit about my journey and my philosophy, because if you are like most people, you want to know more about the teacher before you start to practice with a teacher.

My life’s journey has taken me all around the world. I grew up in picturesque Upper Bavaria, with Rottach Egern at Lake Tegernsee being my first Heimat or homeland. It was in Bavaria that I met my husband. His career in the beer industry has taken him, and our family, around the world. We have raised two beautiful young men on three continents. My cherished community of family and friends spreads around the world and I’m connected to diverse people in all walks of life.

Lake Tegernsee ( courtesy of Thomas Bachhuber )

As I have journeyed from place to place, it has been yoga that has sustained me. Wherever I have landed, yoga has grounded me. Each time our family uprooted to settle in a new place, I drew comfort and strength from my practice of yoga and also found new opportunities to grow in my practice. I have been doing yoga now for 18 years and have practiced with yogis all over the world.

I took my teacher training in 2018 and was particularly inspired by my last teacher who taught me what it really means to honour the body, mind and spirit and to keep the whole picture in mind. She also showed me that getting out of your comfort zone is something to aspire to each day. Her wise teachings and her passion for yoga have permeated my own teaching style and the classes that I offer. Like her, I seek to teach my students in such a way that goes beyond instruction. First and foremost in my approach stands loving kindness, to yourself and others. Adding to that, I want my students to really learn about their bodies and to make connections in order to understand the whole picture of their experience.

Yin Yoga has become my speciality.

It balances the dynamic yang of our fast-paced, over-stimulated lifestyles. Its pace is slow and mindful while its purpose is to increase the range of motion in your joints by gently stressing the connective tissues in your body. I’m drawn to this calm and quiet practice because it is here where I can really listen to my body’s signals.

I am fascinated by anatomy and have studied extensively to be able to provide Body Rolling classes. Rolling compliments Yin perfectly and together they result in even greater myofascial release.

My other yoga passion is Aerial Yoga; the aerial silks, being a very versatile prop to build up strength and improve your flexibility have brought pure joy to my practice.

Yoga Nidra is the other experience I provide. Diving deep into the subconscious mind while listening to the guided meditation of an instructor has allowed me to fully and completely relax. Yoga Nidra is ultimately calming for your busy or even anxious mind and I want to share this ancient technique with others.

Let me tell you about our logo.

It was a very deliberate choice. Just like my practice, it holds meaning and intention. The tree is both a common symbol and an important pose for yoga, but this one is even more meaningful. It has eight branches, representing the eight countries I have called home, while also reflecting Ashtanga Yoga Philosophy or the eight limbs of yoga. The tree leans to the left side – the yin side of our body. It is both firm and flexible, rooted and resilient.

Beyond Loving Yoga, I also have other passions and one of those is Loving Purpose. While living in Kenya, I was able to connect with local artisans who formed women’s empowerment groups. I managed a not-for-profit shop in Nairobi where I was able to curate a collection of beautiful items made with purpose, where each purchase did immeasurable good. After relocating to Canada, I decided to continue my support of these artisan groups and bridge the distance between Canadian collectors and Kenyan creators. You can find Loving Purpose merchandise in our shop.

There are some special places in this world where my heart opens and I see things most clearly. Those special vistas you can enjoy in the pictures above and below. Lake Tegernsee in Bavaria. Bradley Harbour on the Bruce Peninsula. Coliemore Harbour in South County Dublin. Samburu, Rift Valley in Kenya and Chesterman Beach on Vancouver Island.

Chesterman Beach

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